Birthday Celebrations, Leo Rising

This is the last day of my Birthday Month and I've been pondering a question that came from Mr.Briggs (Tanner's Dad hehe) He asked me, "Do you celebrate your birthday all month like Mrs. Briggs does?" Hmmm... and my answer I've decided is this...Yes Yes! And not only in July. Now and from now on..I will allow my life, every day, to be a celebration of Life, of being here on this earth, and of me! mmmmm.... somehow I always knew 28 would be special! xo

My Teacher Training Lessons, I Share With You♡

 Awaken. Be Lifted.

Plugged into the Source, the Universal Consciousness, Connected with the HIGHEST.

Live Authentically. Honesty and Openness with MySelf. In My Relationships. 

Recognize and Examine My Patterns and their Source. 

Recognize the Creation of My Own Reality. 

SEE that I have created Everything in My Life. 

Give it Back to the HIGHEST. Let it Go. Be Free. 

Don't take Freedom from the Ones I love, or try to Contain them. 

Love, Love, Love, and More LOVE. 

Self Love, Love for ALL BEINGS. 

Witness in them the HIGHEST that Dwells within US ALL. 

Feel the Hard, Achy, Tender Feelings. See when they No Longer Serve me And Give Them Back, Let them GO.

Fear is the Opposite of LOVE. 

But FEAR is a TEACHER. Drink in the Wisdom it Brings and


Embrace Gentleness. 

Taste. Taste Everything and absorb all the Nutrients and Energy it has to offer. Forever in Gratitude of the Earth and Her Bounty. 

Mindfulness. Be PRESENT in the HIGHEST FREQUENCY. 

Wake Up Every Morning and Remember to Savor EVERYTHING. 

Slowwww down. Simmer in Stillness. 

Slower Practice. Feel the Earth beneath Me. Let Go of my thoughts and Ride My Breath. 

Inhale to Receive, Exhale as an Offering. 

Move with Breath ALWAYS. 

Stay Awake. Remain Lifted. 

My Love to you ALL. Namaste

Seen and Unseen

I Share with You..

NOW THIS is a little crazy and funny, how we spend our WHOLE LIVES doing everything as if SOMEONE IS WATCHING! 

BUT!.... heres the Thing .. 

You can be seen if you Wish to be SEEN, and You can be UNSEEN if you do not Wish to be SEEN!